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Palm Beach vs. Eagle Beach & Manchebo Beach

(Hi-Rise vs. Lo-Rise Resorts)

Palm Beach
Eagle Beach and
Manchebo Beach

Palm beach is where all the highrises are located. The beach is narrow but beautiful. The water is very calm here and is great for floating on a raft. However, this is also where all the boats come in and where all the watersports are located. The boats tend to churn up the bottom so the water can sometimes be a little cloudy, and they tend to get some seaweed problems here. Also because the beach is narrow and the highrises are located close together you have a lot of people, therefore the beach gets very crowded. Eagle beach is where the low rises are. The beach is wider here. There are a lot less people and there is more of a surf. This area is better for swimming but not for floating on rafts. The water is very clear as no boats are allowed into shore on this beach (and it is also quieter). Some sections can get windy.
(excerpt from Aruba On-Line bulletin board - Jeff Launiere)

Pros & Cons:

Palm Beach

resorts here are more luxurious, pampering
more action (can walk to a lot of resorts/lots of restaurants/casinos)
better for people-watching
lots of watercraft buzzing around (good - fun to watch)
lots of watercraft buzzing around (bad - bothersome)
calmer water - good for floating/rafting/poor swimmers
less windy - possibly the hi-rises act as a wind block
water occassionally cloudy/seaweedy (still much clearer than most North American coasts)
beach narrower (good - feel like the caribbean's right at your door)
beach narrower (bad - feel crowded)
resorts here tend to be the most expensive
resorts here tend to have large, creatively landscaped, free-form pools
this area is recommended for those who like to be in the middle of all the action, who like to have a lot of ammenities nearby, who prefer americanized to tropical surroundings, who prefer large & plush to small & cozy.

Eagle Beach & Manchebo Beach

resorts here are less luxurious, more cozy
less action (quieter, more peaceful)
Manchebo Beach known for occassional (illegal) toplessness
less watercraft & people around (good & bad - see above)
stronger surf (good if you're a good swimmer)
stronger surf (bad for poor swimmers/floating/rafting)
clearer water
windier area
beach wider (good - feeling of wide open expanse)
beach wider (bad - have to walk a lot farther across hot sand to get to water)
Eagle Beach is separated from its resorts by a highway
resorts here tend to be more moderately-priced than the hi-rise resorts
resorts here tend to have plain, small, square pools
this area is recommended for those who like to be out of the action, who prefer seclusion, peace & quiet, want a more tropical feel, who prefer small & cozy over large and plush.

Your choice will depend on your situation - single/honeymooners/families, action-oriented or seeking peace & quiet, financial situation, sense of aesthetics, need for luxury, etc.

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