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I would like to thank the following people for their direct or indirect contributions to this Aruba website. I would especially like to thank those who contributed their own personal photos or business photos for use here.

Thanks especially to Theo (Ted) van der Post, Assistant Managing Director of Manchebo Beach Resort, who sent me many great photos - his response to questions and requests was immediate, helpful, and very much appreciated. While Manchebo many be one of the smaller resorts, its staff is tops in service and friendliness. Please consider staying there or stopping by the Manchebo Resort for dinner or drinks as a thank you to him for his help on this site.

Thanks to Diane Kiejzer from Discount Photo in Aruba, for sending me a whole pack of her fabulous photos of Aruba. If you found this website useful, please help me thank Diane by visiting her store while you're in Aruba.

Thanks to Eithel Narr for his photos of Wyndham and Allegro - Eithel went out of his way to go and take photos for me after we corresponded.

Thanks to Win Winsborrow for her photos of Aruba in general.

Thanks to Brett Russell for the many photos from the Aruba Grand and surrounding resorts.

Thanks to Valerie Elia for her photos of the Allegro.

Thanks to Marlene Edelman for her photos and floor layouts of the Playa Linda.

Thanks to Tony Morgan for his photos.

Thanks to Juan Gutierrez for his Divi Aruba resort map, detailed description, and general help.

Thank you to the following people who either sent me photos or allowed me to use photos from their websites:

  • Susan Biemans (Bucuti Beach Resort website photos)
  • Kevin Donnelly
  • Alex Goroff (Sonesta photos and info, Costa Linda floorplans)
  • Katharine Haggerty (Manchebo photos)
  • Claude&Freddy Matalanis (Costa Linda photo)
  • Larry Newburg (Bushiri photos)
  • Brad & Jennifer Ormsby (Tamarijn photos and info)
  • Mark & Deb Roundtree (Holiday Inn photos)
  • Nanette Saylor (Aruba Grand website photos)
  • Ray Semeleer (Phoenix website photos)
  • Brenda Skonieczny (Manchebo photos)
  • Brenda Smith (Marriott photos)
  • Alex (DrZeuss99 - Sonesta photo)
  • Barry (Sled - Tamarijn layout & photos)
  • CatQuik (Bucuti photos)
  • Nancy (Manchebo photos)

Thank you to the following people for information about Aruba and its resorts:

  • Edward Ramou (Eddy's Aruba News)
  • Lisa Viera (Phoenix and Allegro info used with permission from Aruba Bound!)
  • Joan Shelto(?) (Allegro info)
  • Ken (no last name - Marriott info)
  • Bill and Dina Jackson (Marriott info)
  • Karen Duda (Marriott info)
  • Barry/NJ/USA (Wyndham info)
  • Jenny (Cybertropics - Wyndham & Aruba info)

I'd also like to thank everyone from the Aruba Bulletin Board who gave me valuable info. If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

And mostly, thank you to the folks at for the unlimited webspace, without which this website could not exist.

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This site went online 1999.
Photos by Patti MacK copyrighted 1999 and may not be used without permission.


As information may not always be up-to-date, you are advised to use it as a guideline only. You will find e-mail and website addresses, as well as phone and fax #s included on this site - please use them to contact the particular resort/restaurant/business in person to confirm times, prices, and details. The webmaster, site owner, and Internet provider assume no responsibility for any damages or claims resulting in use of information contained in this site. If, in spite of every precaution, any copyrights have been infringed in this site or any borrowed photo uncredited, your notification with respect to photo credit or removal will be greatly appreciated.